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What other girls say about webcam modeling

Jessica said this about webcam modeling


20 years

United States

I was tired of my low paid and boring job. I asked myself: "I'm a young and pretty sexy girl. Why not make money of my female beauty?" So I became a webcam model and now I earn over a thousand dollars a week. I can work from my home and I have so much fun with these guys. I'm dancing and stripping and I can just be female. It's exciting and I love it! Instead a full-time job for a few bucks again? No way... thanks!

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Earnings during one payout period of two weeks.

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How works webcam modeling?

In order to earn money as a webcam model you need a strong business partner that ensures many customers for you. This way you can focus on the webcam modeling itself and you don't need to care about servers, promotion and things like that. This partner will be LiveJasmin. The world's No. 1 and most visited video chat community.

Why LiveJasmin?

Of course there are many other video chat communitys but LiveJasmin is the global market leader in this business. With over 70 million visitors per month this website guarantees you many customers and great earnings. If you want to earn big, you can't be happy with the second best!

What does LiveJasmin for me?

LiveJasmin allows you to broadcast your own webcam show to a worldwide audience and provides everything else for you that is required to earn money with your webcam. Such as servers, paying systems, promotion, customer support, websites, etc. With LiveJasmin at your side you don't need to care about all these things and you can focus on webcam modeling itself.

What I have to do?

Your job as a webcam model is to entertain users with your webcam show. You can go as far
as you want in your webcam show but you don't need to. You can show yourself lovely
dressed and move around sexy. You can dance and strip or go even further and do
masturbation or toy playing. It's only up to you! Whatever you do. To be successful
you have to have fun and enjoy it!
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How I earn money as a webcam model?

Every time a user goes into private chat with you, you will be paid. For each minute
in private chat the customers pay from $2 up to $5! You can set the minute price
for your webcam show yourself. Therefore you can quickly earn big money
as a webcam model

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Want to earn thousands of dollars right from your home? So become a webcam model and earn big!

Some more words from a webcam model

Some words from Lyn about webcam modeling


24 years


Before I signed up as a webcam model, I was not sure if I could do this job really well. But I tried and in my first two weeks I earned over $900. Over the time I have learned better how this business works and now I feel more comfortable in front of my cam. I earn even more money now. I'm very happy I signed up as a webcam model because now I can earn excellent money!

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Tipping - The new way to earn monew with webcam modeling

The traditional method of webcam modeling is the private chat where you earn money for every minute a user is watching. With tip modeling you don't need to go in privat chat to earn money. Every user can tip you tokens at any time.

What I need to become a webcam model?

To becmoe a webcam model you need a computer or laptop.


Desktop computer or laptop with Windows or Mac OS operating system. Recommended is a laptop. It's handy and quick to set up anywhere. A fast computer ensures clean streaming with good image quality. Minimum requirement for good streaming results is a 2.5GHz processor with 2GB of RAM.

To becmoe a webcam model you need a webcam.


Webcam with built-in microphone or an external mike. HD streming (720p) nowadays is almost standard and therefore very important to earn money as a webcam model successfully. We recommend the Logitech HD Pro C920 for $99.99. You can also use a common camcorder with a capture card.

To becmoe a webcam model you need a broadband internet connection.


You can stream with almost every connection speed but in order to stream in HD you will need a high-speed connection. An HD webcam with a slow internet connection makes no sense! Important for a high quality streaming is your upload speed. Minimum upload speed is 1024 kbps.

To becmoe a webcam model you need a ID card, passport or driving license.

proof of age

Webcam modeling is a legal business and every model has to be at least 18 years old. To verify your identity and prove your age of majority you will need your identity card, passport or driver's license. This documents are only required for verification! Your identity remains secret!

To becmoe a webcam model you need some photos of you.


To create your webcam model profile you will have to upload a few photos of you. These pics will be used as a preview for the customers so your photos should be aesthetic and have good quality. After the registration you can of course add more pics.

To becmoe a webcam model you need a specific personality.


As a webcam model you should like to chat, always be in good mood and have a smile on your lips. You have to love your body and enjoy to show it. You should have no hesitation to show you lightly dressed or even naked on cam.